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What kind of photography sessions do you offer?

My specialty is primarily in maternity, newborn and baby portrait photography – this is what I am truly passionate about! I love capturing the newborn stage and a baby’s first year of life. My side specialty is Family Sessions at the beach. There’s just something about being at the beach that is so magical and I love going out and photographing families there.

Do you offer wedding photography or event photography – like birthday parties?

I do not currently shoot events or weddings, but I am happy to recommend a photographer that does.

Where will my session take place?

All sessions take place at our residential studio in Boca Raton, Florida. Beach Family Sessions are offered at one of my favorite beaches here in Boca Raton.

When should I reserve my session?

Sessions are usually booked up to 3 months in advance. My calendar does fill up so I recommend you reserve your dates as soon as possible. Newborn Sessions should be booked while mom is still pregnant so we can photograph baby within the first 2 weeks of life. Maternity Sessions should be booked around 5-6 months of pregnancy, so we can set the session date for 7-8 months of pregnancy.

Are digital files included in the Session Fee?

Digital files and print products are not included in the session fee and are purchased after the session. You can see our Portrait Packages here. There are two ways to purchase your images – you can choose to select your favorite digital files from your session from our A La Carte Menu, or you can get all of your digital images plus an heirloom keepsake from our Create A Collection Menu. Please see our Pricing page for more details.

Are the images you present to us retouched?

All images presented to you are individually hand-edited and professionally processed to a magazine-quality standard.  My goal is to always make families look their best straight out of camera – that is why we spend time being thoughtful about your wardrobe selection and shooting in ideal lighting and from the best angles. Then when I go through your images, I always color correct and do basic editing on each individual image. So what happens if your spirited child scrapes their head the day before the session? No worries – any blemishes, scrapes and bruises are always retouched.



When should I reserve my Maternity Session?

It’s never too early to reserve your spot! This ensures availability on my calendar. Maternity Sessions are best photographed at around 7-8 months (26-34 weeks) of pregnancy. At this point bellies have usually popped and are cute and round, moms are still feeling energetic and any potential swelling or stretch marks haven’t set in. That being said, I have many clients that call me and book as soon as they find out they are pregnant! Many moms like to display their portraits at their baby shower – if this is something you have in mind, please schedule your maternity session at least 4 weeks before your event to leave time for processing your images.

What should I wear for my Maternity Session?

I’m a mom of 3 myself. I know how it is to be big and pregnant, have nothing fit you and no energy to hunt for a nice outfit that will fit you for all about 5 minutes. That is why I started my Client Wardrobe – to have a selection of gorgeous maternity gowns, wraps and cozy sweaters that are perfect for pregnant moms. We currently have outfits that accommodate up to size 14, but if you have concerns, feel free to let me know. All of my Maternity and Newborn clients have access to my Client Wardrobe. Our goal is to make your session planning as stress-free as possible. So relax, we’ve got your outfit it covered! (And with our Signature Maternity Session, your professional makeup is included as well!) And if you’d like to bring your own outfits to the session, that’s fine too – we go into detail and discuss options during your Pre-Session Design Consultation phone call.



When should I reserve my Newborn Session?

In order to ensure availability for your Newborn Session, it is best to secure the date while you are still pregnant. My schedule fills up quickly, and since the ideal time to photograph newborns is within the first 14 days of life, there is a very small window of time that we can do these photos. To get the sleepy images you see in my portfolio, I prefer to photograph newborns during those first few days of life – ideally between day 5 and day 10. At this age, they sleep more soundly, they don’t disturb easily and their skin is still clear. Newborns older than 14 days don’t settle as easily and are awake for longer stretches. For these reasons, it’s essential we capture your baby the earliest possible.

How do I reserve a date for my Newborn Session when I’m not sure when baby will be born?

Sessions are booked on our calendars by due date. I am then basically “on call” around your due date. Some moms deliver early and some late, and that is why I only book a limited amount of newborns per month to ensure flexibility in my schedule. Once baby is born, I ask clients to let me know as soon as possible (ideally within the first couple of days and absolutely before baby is 7 days) and we will set an official date for your session.

Where will my Newborn Session take place?

All Newborn Sessions take place at my residential studio in Boca Raton, Florida. I have a variety of soft wraps, fluffy blankets, sweet hats and headbands, as well as backdrops and equipment that I use at every session. I use both natural and studio light to achieve the images you see in my portfolio. Everything will be ready for your session once you arrive and all you will need to do is just sit back and relax.

How should I prepare for my Newborn Session?

Once you schedule your session, I will send you my Newborn Preparation Guide with details on what to wear, what to expect and how to prepare baby before hand. I find that following those instructions is the key to a successful session.

Can I bring my own props?

I have a variety of props that are perfect for newborns and I will have a selection for you to choose from when you arrive, so it isn’t necessary for you to bring anything with you. I believe the images we create of your family should be classic, timeless and about you and your baby, not be distracted by props or baby costumes. However, if you have a few items of sentimental value, like your grandmother’s baby rattle or a favorite doll from your your youth, I am happy to work them in to the photos. These elements help tell a personal story of your family and those I wholeheartedly encourage.

What clothes should I bring for my newborn?

Clothing for newborns is not necessary, as it rarely fits well or photographs well. In order to really capture how tiny your baby is, we photograph newborns in just a diaper, naked (very tastefully), as well as covered by a wrap and swaddled with a blanket.

How long do Newborn Sessions take?

For a full Signature Session, depending on how well the baby sleeps, expect the session to take a minimum of 2-3 hours. We take our time and I make sure to leave plenty of time for feedings and snuggles. Baby’s comfort and safety is my number one priority. Make sure anyone coming along (especially Dads!) know that the session can take several hours in a very warm studio where I need a quiet environment.  If a sibling is coming along, some families prefer to do their shots first and then take them home.  Books, laptops, tablets, and smart phones are good, quiet ways to pass the time.

Can we get some shots with the baby? What about siblings?

Absolutely. Our “Signature Sessions” include portraits of newborn, of newborn with siblings, of newborn with each parent and family portraits.

Are twins double the price?

Nope!  Multiples pay the same single session fee.

Anything else I should bring?

Before your session you will receive a Preparation Guide that has all the details you need to know. For Maternity sessions you are welcome to bring a sonogram photo, a pair of baby shoes, something special from the nursery, etc.

What should I wear if I want to get in some photos with the baby?

After your session has been reserved, we set up a phone call appointment for your Pre-Session Design Consultation to discuss ideas on what to wear. I find that my style of photography really lends itself neutrals, creams, grays and pastels.  I love the soft, dreamy, delicate look that these colors offer and keeps the focus on the baby.

I want to get portraits done after baby’s Newborn Session. What sessions do you offer?

We created a “Watch Me Grow” Package for families that wanted us to document their little ones past the Newborn Stage. The Watch Me Grow Package includes 2 sessions in the baby’s first year: a Milestone session at 6 months and a Cake Smash session for baby’s first birthday. It also includes a complimentary Family Session in baby’s second year. It’s a wonderful way to document your baby’s first years few years of life.



Do you offer Family Sessions?

Family Sessions  are offered at limited times of the year. Please inquire if we have an opening.

Where do Family Sessions take place?

Family sessions take place at a park or at the beach. I have some favorite spots I’ve scouted that have perfect lighting and are ideal my style of sessions.

What time will our Family Session take place?

Sessions take place about 2-2.5 hours before sunset. This is known as the “golden hour” and is when the lighting is most flattering for outdoor photography.

What should my family and I wear to the session?

Once a session is booked, we schedule a Pre-Session Design consultation where I go over the photo shoot beforehand, how to prepare yourself and baby for each session, what to bring and what to expect the day of the shoot. We also go over in detail wardrobe ideas for each family member, what looks good in front of the camera and what doesn’t. Once we have a few outfit ideas discussed, I am available by phone or text if you are out shopping and you want to run ideas by me. Once you have your outfits picked out, you send me the final layout and I give any suggestions that might help make your outfits rock. I love being a part of this process and helping my clients be less stressed before the session, feel more confident during the session and love the resulting images after the session! It is part of my job as a photographer to not just show up and photograph you, but to help make session planning as stress free as possible.

Have some questions? Ready to book a session?

Click here and I’ll whisk you over to the contact page and we’ll get started!  Still undecided?  Give me a call at 561-325-9047 and I’ll be happy to listen to your thoughts and help you figure out if we’re a good fit for each other.